Bright Ideas For Teamwork Activities:

corporate-team-building-activitiesAre you curious about teamwork activities ? Many people are. Especially those who desire to see their groups work in a more cohesive manner with a higher level of productivity and comradely.

Whether your plan is to educate youth on the value of group work… or you are in management and have a strong desire, as a leader, to see your team bond in a more meaningful and productive way… team building exercises is a great way to experience what it’s like to have fun in a group setting.What are some examples of teamwork activities ? Well before we get to teamwork exercises, let’s talk about opening the session with a bang…

Try Playing Icebreaker Games Before Beginning Teamwork Activities:

Most of the time it is a good idea to begin with ice breaker questions. To break the ice for teamwork activities, try a memory game using the names of the participants. After a meet and greet session have a contest to see who can remember the most names of the persons they met and offer the winner some type of recognition (ribbon or small token like a teamwork mug).

Other teamwork activities to use as ice breaker games include: storytelling or call and response games. Icebreakers help the people in you group get to know each other better and help create a more cooperative attitude prior to beginning the session.

The Order Of Teamwork Activities Should Be Chosen Carefully:

Certain teamwork games could cause embarrassment.

team-building-circleAfter the icebreakers are completed, it’s time to continue on with the teamwork activities for team building. These include a variety of physical and mental games that teach concepts such as cooperation, empathy, communication, group problem solving, friendly competition, and many others. By overcoming these challenges as a group, your audience will learn the pleasure of achieving a goal in which everyone is equal and no one person is singled out.

Parachute games, the human knot game, relay races, and group tag are all examples of physical activities for team building. There are programs that also include trust building games, such as letting the group catch an individual who is blindfolded. While this can be a touching, inspiring activity, it’s best not to include it until your team has truly bonded. Otherwise you run the risk of not only embarrassing the person being caught, but actually causing physical injury as well.

Other teamwork games include bonding games. These include activities where members of a group tell stories about their favorite childhood memories or confess their biggest fear. Other communication based exercises include the telephone game, word association games, memory games, verbal problem solving, and more. These games for team building help build communication skills, empathy, and create a healthy bond between members of the team.